Although I photograph babies, children and families, I do specialize in newborn & baby photography. If possible, I always recommend contacting me prior to your baby's birth in order to reserve a tentative date.

Newborns are ideally photographed before 10 days of age. They are sleepy and still very curled from the womb. Each day newborns uncurl, become more alert, and may begin to have skin issues such as newborn acne. Colic may also begin to show itself in a baby older than 10 days.

Once you have contacted me, we wait. . .

Mom or Dad will call or send me an e-mail when their little one has arrived and we set a definite date and time. All sessions take place in the parent's home. I bring all the blankets, hats, baskets and goodies!

Other sessions that I recommend are milestone sessions - when your baby is sitting, standing, 1-year old sessions...

You will always treasure the memories of your baby's first days of life.

I am honored to capture this amazing moment in your lives.

Please visit the blog for even more detailed information on newborn photography.